Sun Safe Colorado

Many people are aware of the dangers of over exposure to UV rays, yet 46% of Coloradans report being sunburned at least once each year. Do you know how to talk to your doctor about examining your skin? How can you  make sun safety fun for your kids? Sun Safe Colorado at Home can help you find the answers to these and other questions you may have. Start by taking the personal risk assessment. Then find sun safe strategies, early detection information, advice from the experts, ways to discover the UV index for your zip code, and some answers regarding Vitamin D and sun exposure.

Employers protect workers from exposure to hazardous conditions and substances by providing safety procedures, training and equipment. Workers' exposure to UV radiation should be no exception. Sun Safe Colorado at Work is a place businesses with outdoor workers can obtain information about sun protection at the workplace. Here, you can create a worksite policy that will decrease potential liability and promote the use of sun safe behaviors. You can also find educational resources for your employees and links to hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and shade vendors.

Sun Safe Colorado at School is dedicated to skin cancer prevention during the elementary, middle and high school years. Our main objective is to promote quality curricula and policy development that will help schools develop sun safe environments for their students and staff. Sun Safe Colorado at School is a great resource for sun safe activities, curricula, your personal risk assessment for skin cancer and a policy planner tool that includes national guidelines for schools to prevent skin cancer.